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Cutting-edge tools for managing your wallet and investments in Crypto

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We build software solutions for Crypto-wallets and Block-Chain


IntelliX is our special projects department, where we use data scraping and analysis to increase the trustworthiness of transactions on the blockchain. By carefully examining transaction data, we are able to identify patterns and anomalies that can help improve the security and reliability of blockchain networks. Moreover, by using our wallet-analyzer tool, you can examine trustworthiness of a wallet for various applications

  • Detect if the wallet is SCAM or not

  • Find NFT Flippers vs Owners

  • Trace Your Transactions

  • Application-Based Scoring System


IntelliVest is our investment department, where we use data-driven recommendations to help our clients make intelligent investment decisions in the crypto and NFT markets. Our team of experts combines market analysis with data-driven insights to provide our clients with the information they need to make informed investment decisions.

  • Data-Driven Insight

  • Easy Online Tools

  • Real-Time Updates


IntellImage is our artistic department, where we use AI-generated art to explore the intersection of technology and creativity. Our team of artists , technologists, and prompt engineers work together to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase the potential of AI on the blockchain. Whether you’re a collector looking for the next big thing, or an artist looking to experiment with new mediums, IntellImage has something for everyone.

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We are currently working in private with small number of selected clients. Consider emailing us if you are interested : [email protected]

Intellivest is our pituitary software which provides various visualization and analysis tools about NFT and crypto market to help facilitate your investments

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